Longtime friends and business partners Louf and Inch have always dreamed of returning to a life by the ocean. When they learned that this magical location in Chintsa East is available, they knew they wanted not only to live here, but to share it with as many people as possible. They started planning Purple Haze Eco Lodge in 2013.


Inch designed the lodge, guest units, interiors and website. Both put all the money they had into the project, believing in the future. Louf sourced additional funds and dealt with all the challenges unique to South Africa, and specifically the Wild Coast, when attempting a project like this. 


Construction started in August 2016 and the lodge opened its doors in October 2017. Today the team consists of three full time and two part time members.

Louf handles admin, bookings and guest relations. He'll be there to meet you when you arrive and will tell you all you'll want to know to have a perfect stay. You'll also find him on the Green Deck with sunset, ready for a chat and maybe to take some photos of you from our awesome vantage point, Killi's Corner, if you like.

Inch prefers to work behind the scenes, running the day-to day domestic situation. She'll make sure your unit is shiny and spotlessly clean, your stay super comfortable and that you'll want for nothing.

They love Chintsa wildly, they love to make people happy and they especially love to see the magic of Purple Haze take its effect on their guests.

They look forward to meeting you!